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What you can do to Help

We’ve put together a list of a few things you can do to help the planet and our Greener Practice project. A lot of the information here, and more, can be found at Greener Practice – For Patients.



To Help our Project you can:

  • Use our “Living Greener” mapping tool to find nearby places where you can get some fresh air: Google Maps – Living Greener
  • Discuss which inhaler you’re using with your GP or Pharmacist to see if a more environmentally friendly inhaler is suitable.
  • Recycle any used inhalers at your local pharmacy.
  • Make sure your disease-control is as good as it can be- your GP can help you with this.
  • Talk to your GP about any medication you’re not using.


  • You can also get involved with Move More, a way to keep yourself fit and healthy!
















To Help the Planet Some More, you can:

  • Switch your search engines to Ecosia (Ecosia – the search engine that plants trees) which plant trees when you use their search engine.
  • Try to reduce your meat intake- This helps your health and the planet’s health!
  • Use public transport, walk, or cycle to work whenever you can.
  • Work out your carbon footprint: WWF- Your Footprint


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